5/5 Stars – The whole nursing department are so very good, from aides to nurses and the medicine people. The rehab as well was very good. Rajesh was one person who made the experience great. He would always pay close attention to my therapy, and I would like to thank him for his help and genuine care. Everyone here is nice and that really mattered to me.


5/5 Stars – I have nothing bad to say about this place. Even the people who come in to sweep the floor come in with love and respect. The people who work here actually work with you, all so enthusiastically and with haste. Very pleasant place to recover. Might need rehab in the near future and would definitely return to this place. (1/13/17)


5/5 Stars – There is nothing during my time here that I can point to and complain about, but there someone I must highly compliment. My physical therapist, whose name is Amare, was one of the most competent, diligent and consistent people I have ever worked with. He was always on time, prepared for all the work we had to do, and went at my pace. To Amare, thank you so much, you really made the stay. (10/27/16)


5/5 Stars – I want to send all my admiration to Brian (my occupational therapist); Alana (my physical therapist) for their patient work with my rehab. Having two procedures done while here, they adjusted my rehab when need be and really patiently worked with me to get where I needed to be. My thanks to Brittany and the rest of the nursing staff on the floor for attended to me so kindly, and to staff overall for such a warm and kind attitude. Also enjoyed the 17th before and after rehab, as well as the cafe downstairs on the lobby floor & and hair salon, which was very important for me to have. (11/23/16)


5/5 Stars – I worked at a facility like this in Brooklyn and I know what makes a good rehab and this is a good rehab. The service is similar to the great service I received at Mount Sinai hospital, with the helpers here emulating their wonderful helpfulness and charisma. I work with Dino for therapy and I’m so happy with the progress we’ve made. I really couldn’t have asked to come to a better place! (11/23/16)


5/5 Stars – I came into this facility with multiple fractures and unable to stand, and I’m so happy that I’m able to stand and walk now. Paul and Louie are great therapist! They explained everything to me step by step and listened to me when had concerns. My helper Ghia was the sweetest; all the nurses were great for me. I called and they answered and got what I needed. Social Worker Sarah helped me plan my visit and departure from start to finish. I appreciate them all! (11/22/16)


5/5 Stars – What I’ll say about Upper East Side Rehab is that the whole staff here is so loving and kind. From your nurses to your therapist and everyone else, everyone is kind to everyone. My aides work so hard to get me what I need at all times in the day, and these ladies seem so happy to do it for me. The rehab I got here is just excellent! What I like most is that when I would progress or improve in anyways, my therapist was just as happy as I was. Just tells me they care about me as a person. I had no complaints about this place, and say I didn’t like my meal, everyone worked hard to get me something I liked. Great experience here overall. (11/17/16)


5/5 Stars – I get constant, pleasant attention here in UES! The help comes into the room for me before I even call, coming in to make sure I’m comfortable. My rehab therapists are so caring and helpful and the doctors and nurses are always around checking into my situation. They had sonogram and other portable machines able to come to me here in the building, saving me a trip to the test site when I need it. Everything kept clean and tidy in the room and hallways as well. So happy I came to this rehab. (11/15/16)


5/5 Stars – I’ve noticed all the workers here and how they work. They are so hard working! Making sure you’re on time for everything I you need to go to. They provided everything I needed at a press of a button. Rehab here works. The therapists were patient and very kind to me. Activities like the midday tea time were a nice touch. 5 stars for me. (11/28/16)


5/5 Stars – This was not my first rodeo! I’ve been to three rehabs in the past, so I know a thing or two about how rehab is suppose to go. I was very much please with Upper East Side Rehab. 5 stars across the board from nursing staff to rehab and food. My therapist Mila and Paul were so warm and caring. I was so touched by the manner in which they help me. Food was great and if I didn’t like a plate they brought me something else. All around I’m happy I came here. (9/30/16)


5/5 Stars – I gave a five star rating because I came in with an idea of what this place would be, which was like kind of like a nursing home. So happy I was wrong. These people really doing a great job for me. Rehab has been great and my therapist and me have made great progress! The halls are really nice. When I first arrived, I was so anxious. Now I’m sure I made the right choice. So happy with this place (9/16/16)


5/5 Stars – My Mother has been a patient here for a while now. I love the caring staff and the genuine compassion that I feel that they give her. She likes the food and it’s nice a clean. I couldn’t of picked a better place to keep my peace of mind. I really recommend Upper East Side Rehabilitation. Oh and you can’t beat the location! Two thumbs up. (9/14/16)

Ken Anderson

5/5 Stars – My mom has been in the rehabilitation center now for a couple years now and she trying to get back on her feet after having all ten toes amputated and having open heart surgery and the overall staff there are very helpful and delightful to deal with and easy to talk to and always helpful and very great listeners and I’m really happy to be there and my mom is too. (8/27/16)


5/5 Stars – Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is an excellent place. The place was renovated, so it has all brand-new flooring, beds, equipment, and paint. The staff has been wonderful, and the equipment and gym for rehab are terrific. My husband has only been there for a week and is not an easy person to get along with, but he is happy there. (5/11/16)


5/5 Stars – ”This was not my first rodeo! I’ve been to three rehabs in the past, so I know a thing or two about how rehab is supposed to go. I was very much please with Upper Eastside Rehab. 5 stars across the board from nursing staff to rehab and food. My therapist Mila and Paul were so warm and caring. I was so touched by the manner in which they help me. Food was great and if I didn’t like a plate, they brought me something else. All around I’m happy I came here.” (9/30/16)

Michael Copeman

5/5 Stars – ”The facility is new, and there’s always something to do here. Really enjoyed my time here.” (6/10/16)

Paul Gagnon

5/5 Stars – “Everybody was nice. Friendly staff. Never had a complaint.” (6/6/16)

Marian Pantano

4/5 Stars – ”Most patients want to leave their nursing homes. My mom wants to stay!” (6/7/16)

Thomas Horn

5/5 Stars – “Nursing care is absolutely, incredibly good. The quality of the rehab is great, due to the equipment.” (7/20/16)


5/5 Stars – “The staff is incredibly helpful. The therapist are first rate and the space is clean. Very happy how everything turned out.” (6/13/16)

Michael Metz

5/5 Stars – “Staff friendliness and care is beautiful. The music is great here are the rest of the activities were very supportive, and the food was really good.” (7/21/16)


5/5 Stars – “This place is pretty! The aides were so good with the care they gave me. Rehab here is also good.” (7/22/16)


5/5 Stars – “Aides are very responsive and helpful & the rehab is terrific! Got me up and walking again. I’m a very critical person yet I have no complaints” (8/2/16)


If you’re considering coming to Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center after a hip replacement, you should have an open mind about the experience you’re about to embark upon. I was set on returning to the same place I was after my right hip replacement the year before. I’m a West sider and this was near my home, friends and family. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. It turns out going to the East side was well worth it. The people that they have working there are amazing. They are very positive and very attending. The therapists gave me exercises that were challenging but achievable. They worked with me one to one and not as a group. They communicated great among each other and with me. I felt like it was a team effort to make sure my recovery is fast and successful.

Edna Bell

I am writing to inform you to how grateful I am that Sandra Viteri my Occupational Therapist and Rocio Zarca my Physical Therapist were assigned to me once I entered the Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. (Patient 1/23/15 to 3/15/15 then again 7/72/15 to 10/9/15)

Their competency was awe-inspiring, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate that they were the therapists assigned to me. The fact that I am well and still progressing is almost a miracle. The three of us worked well together. I know that they probably made a lot of patients well in a given year, but I want to let you know that I am forever grateful. The work you/they do is so important. And they excel at their work in every way possible. So, thank you Sandra Viteri (OT) and Rocio Zarca (PT). My family and I will never forget what both of you have done for me.

With unending gratitude,

Innocenta Nacimento

I was cared for in every fashion. The nurses and the especially the nurses aides were considerate, patient and took loving care of me. I never pushed the call button that it was not answered. The food was good and served timely. The meals were served hot and I know that great care was taken to provide variety. Therapy was excellent and I’m walking without a cane.

Gael Barden


I wish to extend my deepest gratitude for all you’ve done on my mother’s behalf. You are terrific!! I appreciate all the hard work you and your associates dedicated to get her where she is. “You’re simply the best of the best!”

From myself and my family,
Thank you!

Charles Ritz

Dear Viola,

There are 3 things in life that are important: the first is to be kind, the second is to be kind, the third is to be kind! Thank you so much for showing us much sincere kindness in taking my mom into Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center yesterday. It is such a blessing and we owe it all to you.

Tybie Dotson

After my postoperative hospitalization, I came to the Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, where I remained until I had fully recovered. I honestly feel the urge to express my deepest gratitude to all doctors and employees of this healing center, to whom I owe my recovery. Every single on of them, with their scientific knowledge, their talent, kindness, love and smile, managed to create a cheerful atmosphere and to drive away all bad and unpleasant thoughts. With their invaluable help, I managed to regain my faith towards life as well as my will to keep on my activities, offering to my family and society.

The halls of the various services and functions of the center; as well as the patient rooms, are extremely clean, fully decorated with colors and flowers, creating a fantastic environment away from the stifling atmosphere of a large city. As for the food, it is a daily pleasure for all patients, providing them with everything they need for their special diet.

Also it is equipped with the most modern physiotherapeutic machines. I can undoubtedly stat that Upper East Side Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a modern, high-standard institution that offers health and life to those in need.

Loula Alafoyiannis

4/5 Stars – “Attitude of the staff is great, especially the rehab staff. Just a great environment overall. The Cafe is a nice touch as well.” (5/26/16)

Laura Freund